Month: May 2011

Vandaag is Rood….

Accidentally produced two red comics today!

This is for the poetry magazine Awater, accompanying a poem by the talented Lieke Marsman.



And this is the cover of my essay about Cinematography in Comics:

comic for Nationaal Historisch Museum

The website “X Was Hier” will be launched this week. The Nationaal Historisch Museum made a selection of 45 important locations in Holland, each with it’s own history. 45 comic-artists made their own interpretation of the historic events. I made a comic for Ouwerkerk, a village in Zeeland, where the Watersnoodramp of 1953 took away many lives. This is the comic. Check out the website for more!

Newspaper week!

This week I appeared in two Dutch newspapers, which is awesome, so I thought I’d share it here!

Sunday: De Waalwijker – 15 mei 2011
Waalwijk is the city where I grew up in, in Noord-Brabant. The article is about my graduation. Apparently that’s big news. I liked the way the journalist mentions my Godspeed You Black Emperor LP! Also, I’ve never seen a title THIS EPIC in a newspaper. Have you?

Tuesday: NRC Next – 17 mei 2011
My comic “Mariko” was published today, because I won the third prize in the Benelux Beeldverhalen Prijs! I will post the original pages as well, because the colours are simply better that way… I’m really glad I won the 3rd prize. So many good comic-artists competed this year, I thought I wouldn’t even make the top 10!

Here are the original pages, with better colours.

The prize ceremony will be held on June 4th, but I’m in France at that time so I won’t be able to make it. I will check out the exhibition of the best contestants though.,.. and you should too. Great work!

Nominated for “Dutch Manga Awards”

My short story “Dear Diary”, that appeared in the book “Cheesecake Light 3” has been nominated for a Dutch Manga Award, category “Best Original Story”! The book featured 3 short stories by Cheesecake-members and all three the artists have been nominated in different categories. The Awards ceremony will take place at the Anime 2011 event this weekend. More info about the event and other nominees: