Month: November 2016

Signeersessies Boekenbeurs Antwerpen 2016


Arkel fanart

Based on the brilliant comic Arkel by Stephen Desberg and Marc Hardy!


Behind The Telescopes premiere

Last Saturday, our project ‘Behind the Telescopes’ premiered in Leiden. We had a blast! It was so special to see it all come together on stage, together with Lavinia Meijer and Arthur Antoine. Here are some photos by my love Bob Bruyn!


– 29 October: Leiden Internation Film Festival, Stadsgehoorzaal
– 30 October: Klik! International Animation Festival, Eye Film Institute, Amsterdam
– 6 November: Big Bang Festival, Palais des Beaux-Arts, Brussels
– 11 December: Lantaren/Venster, Rotterdam
– 20 January: Theaters Tilburg (Artist in Residence)
– 7 February: Parkstad Limburg Theaters (Artist in Residence)
– 2 April: CCXL Vlissingen
– 9 April: World Minimal Music Festival, Muziekgebouw a/h IJ, Amsterdam
– 14 May: Schouwburg Cuijk