Newspaper week!

This week I appeared in two Dutch newspapers, which is awesome, so I thought I’d share it here!

Sunday: De Waalwijker – 15 mei 2011
Waalwijk is the city where I grew up in, in Noord-Brabant. The article is about my graduation. Apparently that’s big news. I liked the way the journalist mentions my Godspeed You Black Emperor LP! Also, I’ve never seen a title THIS EPIC in a newspaper. Have you?

Tuesday: NRC Next – 17 mei 2011
My comic “Mariko” was published today, because I won the third prize in the Benelux Beeldverhalen Prijs! I will post the original pages as well, because the colours are simply better that way… I’m really glad I won the 3rd prize. So many good comic-artists competed this year, I thought I wouldn’t even make the top 10!

Here are the original pages, with better colours.

The prize ceremony will be held on June 4th, but I’m in France at that time so I won’t be able to make it. I will check out the exhibition of the best contestants though.,.. and you should too. Great work!

One thought on “Newspaper week!

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