Month: March 2021

Jours de Sable / Days of Sand / Dagen van Zand

Hi everyone!

It’s been a while, and the world sure has changed in the meantime. But despite all that, I have some pretty good news to share. I’ve finally finished my graphic novel “Jours de Sable”. In a few months, May 2021, it will be released in the Netherlands, Belgium and France.

It’s been 2,5 years since I put the first lines on paper, and I am very proud of the result. With 288 full colour pages, it is definitely my biggest work to date. The book’s subject of the Dust Bowl and Great Depression has become a big part of my life through the years. I’ve watched many documentaries and read all kinds of documentation – and of course I had the pleasure of visiting the Dust Bowl region in 2019 (see earlier blogpost for a travel log!). It’s a bit hard to let it go, to be honest with you! But I’ve enjoyed working on it immensely. And I am very happy to share the cover art with you:

So, here are some images and details to get you up to date about this book.

1937, Oklahoma, the United States. John is a young photographer, who is sent to the Dust Bowl: a region where devastating dust storms blow. His mission is to capture the people living there on film. But as time goes by, John discovers that he needs to face something bigger than blazing storms of sand, if he wants to complete his assignment.

288 pages | Hardcover | Full colour | Incl. Dust Bowl Dossier

Français: Jours De Sable, 21 mai 2021 (Dargaud)
Nederlands: Dagen van Zand, 21 mei 2021 (Scratch books)
More to follow!

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Here is some artwork from inside the book. Enjoy!