Month: April 2019

“Blossoms in Autumn” out in the UK!


Hi everyone,

Blossoms in Autumn, my latest book written by the incredible Zidrou, has finally been released in the UK by the British publisher Selfmadehero! You can now find it in any UK comic book store and you can order it online. The reviews that are coming in are fantastic and we’re so very happy with all of them. For more info about the book, check out the publisher’s website

And here’s a small selection of reviews…..

The Guardian (Graphic novel of the month) “Not only is it full of hope and tenderness. It also acknowledges, in the plainest way possible, something that many people find hard to believe, which is that desire doesn’t end when a person turns 50; in fact, in the right circumstances, it may begin to grow all the stronger.”

Broken Frontier: “Zidrou and Aimée de Jongh’s graphic novel is a raw, honest, poignant and quite beautiful meditation on love and ageing”

The Beat: “The idea here is that your life can be your eternal slumber or your meandering journey, but your old age can be both the magical moment you awaken to find a new shining reality and the goal of your endless quest, and these two circumstances can merge to create something enchanting.” “A beautiful, warm, joyful story, deftly handled by a writer, an artist and a translator at the top of their game.”

The Comics Journal:  “Blossoms in Autumn captures the poetry of human relationships along with the belief that life might hold a few surprises in store, should we allow ourselves to welcome them.”


If you live in the Netherlands and you want your book signed, come to the American Book Centre, Spui 12, Amsterdam on April 5th 18:30 – 19:30. I’ll sign the English copies there at the NL Book Launch and Signing event!

I will also sign the book at TCAF Toronto, with the support of Nova Scotia, The Netherlands Literature Fund, Conundrum Press, and SelfMadeHero. TCAF takes place May 11th / May 12th in the Toronto Reference Library. More info:

The book will be available in the US fromMay 2019. More signing dates will be announced.

For more pictures from the book, visit: