Aimée de Jongh (1988) is an award-winning animator, comic artist and illustrator from Rotterdam (the Netherlands).

Her work was influenced by European comics, manga and Japanese animated films. At the early age of 17 Aimée already published her first comicbook, Aimée TV. After receiving her Bachelor of Arts degree in Animation in 2011, Aimée proceeded to become a promising “sequential artist” with a large variety of styles and techniques.

She is the creator of 10 comic series, including the daily Snippers for newspaper Metro in Holland. Other works include children’s books illustrations, music videos and commercial animations for TV. Aimée also worked with Miljohn Ruperto on two video installations, which made it to the Whitney Museum in New York. Her biggest solo animation project was the 60-minute film ‘Behind The Telescopes’, which was screened during a live performance of Dutch acclaimed harpist Lavinia Meijer, featuring the music of Philip Glass (and many others).

In september 2014 Aimée’s first graphic novel was released, ‘De Terugkeer Van De Wespendief’ (‘The Return of the Honey Buzzard’). The book was a great success in the Netherlands and has been translated in French by Dargaud. An English, Spanish and Serbian translation were released as well. The book was adapted to a feature film in 2017 by Stanley Kolk.

In 2016, Aimée’s dream came true when she worked for Spirou and publishing house Dupuis by making a hommage to Les Tuniques Bleues. At this moment, Aimée is working on several new comic projects. In June 2018, her new graphic novel written by the acclaimed Belgian comic author Zidrou, will be released by Dargaud.


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