Month: April 2012

my comic in Koffietijd

My comic for Filmfanfare, “De Lift”, (see below) was featured in the talkshow Koffietijd. Writer Dana Linssen was invited to talk about the book and selected a few comics to show to the audience. Happy!

Here’s the link to the episode:

Filmfanfare: De Lift – Radio 6 interview

The book “Filmfanfare” is now available!

The book contains 51 one-page comics based on 51 Dutch films. I made an adaption of “De Lift” by Dick Maas. See comic below. Tonight between 22u and 23u I will be interviewed about this comic and the rest of the book in the Radio 6 show “De Avonden”.

Edit 12-4-2012: the interview was nice! Especially with the company of great comic artist Jan Cleijne! Listen to the interview here: