my comic in Koffietijd

My comic for Filmfanfare, “De Lift”, (see below) was featured in the talkshow Koffietijd. Writer Dana Linssen was invited to talk about the book and selected a few comics to show to the audience. Happy!

Here’s the link to the episode:


Filmfanfare: De Lift – Radio 6 interview

The book “Filmfanfare” is now available!

The book contains 51 one-page comics based on 51 Dutch films. I made an adaption of “De Lift” by Dick Maas. See comic below. Tonight between 22u and 23u I will be interviewed about this comic and the rest of the book in the Radio 6 show “De Avonden”.

Edit 12-4-2012: the interview was nice! Especially with the company of great comic artist Jan Cleijne! Listen to the interview here: