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“Aurora” nominated for VERS Awards


If you haven’t seen my animated short “Aurora” yet, this is your chance!

Tonight at 8.30 it will be screened during the VERS Awards in Het Ketelhuis, the cinema at the Westergasterrein, Amsterdam. I’ll be there to answer questions and to (hopefully) receive the prize! 😉
The VERS Awards is given every year to the best young shortfilmmaker of the Netherlands. Aurora is the only animation nominated. More info here:

In De Wereld Draait Door!

Yesterday I was invited to talk about my work on the most popular talkshow in The Netherlands: De Wereld Draait Door. With more than a million viewers everyday, I must admit I was a bit nervous!

For the “Book of the month” item, I made a animation of 30 seconds of the best book of November: “De Spiegelwereld van Willie Sutton”. I really enjoyed the book, so it wasn’t hard to make a small film – still the time that I had (one week) made it kind of a challenge. It all worked out and I’m glad with the result!

Here’s the link to the interview and the animation. Look for it at around 29:00 minutes. Enjoy!

And here’s some pics of the evening. I had a great time 🙂




Filmfanfare: De Lift – Radio 6 interview

The book “Filmfanfare” is now available!

The book contains 51 one-page comics based on 51 Dutch films. I made an adaption of “De Lift” by Dick Maas. See comic below. Tonight between 22u and 23u I will be interviewed about this comic and the rest of the book in the Radio 6 show “De Avonden”.

Edit 12-4-2012: the interview was nice! Especially with the company of great comic artist Jan Cleijne! Listen to the interview here:

One Past Two on NTR Kort!

And another website that publishes about One Past Two. This time the shortfilm website NTR Kort, with a short interview:

Een prachtige spannende animatiefilm met een heftig onderwerp welke op dit moment erg actueel is. Gemaakt door Aimee de Jongh (22), beginnend striptekenares en animator. Een jongen en een meisje ontmoeten elkaar bij een bushalte, niet wetend dat ze op de grens staan van leven en dood. Niet te voorzien geweld wordt gecombineerd met de alledaagsheid van het leven, op een manier welke de gebeurtenissen uiteindelijk nog schokkender maakt en een twist aan het einde geeft.

One Past Two on CartoonBrew!

Aimee de Jongh’s One Past Two is about as depressing as student films get. The filmmaker effectively pairs unpredictable violence with the mundanity of everyday life in a way that makes the events even more shocking, and it all leads to a twist ending. Animated in TVPaint, the short was finished this year at the Willem de Kooning Academy in The Netherlands.

That’s what Amid thinks of One Past Two, now featured on the biggest animation blog out there: CartoonBrew! Cheers!

Comic “En Nu?” in NRC Next

This summer, the finalists of the Benelux Beeldverhalen Prijs make 4 comics about the year 2011. The comics are published in the Summer column of NRC Next. Today… it was my turn! Here’s the autobiographic comic I made about graduating this year.

First the photo of the newspaper, then the original comic. Click to enlarge. Enjoy!

Newspaper week!

This week I appeared in two Dutch newspapers, which is awesome, so I thought I’d share it here!

Sunday: De Waalwijker – 15 mei 2011
Waalwijk is the city where I grew up in, in Noord-Brabant. The article is about my graduation. Apparently that’s big news. I liked the way the journalist mentions my Godspeed You Black Emperor LP! Also, I’ve never seen a title THIS EPIC in a newspaper. Have you?

Tuesday: NRC Next – 17 mei 2011
My comic “Mariko” was published today, because I won the third prize in the Benelux Beeldverhalen Prijs! I will post the original pages as well, because the colours are simply better that way… I’m really glad I won the 3rd prize. So many good comic-artists competed this year, I thought I wouldn’t even make the top 10!

Here are the original pages, with better colours.

The prize ceremony will be held on June 4th, but I’m in France at that time so I won’t be able to make it. I will check out the exhibition of the best contestants though.,.. and you should too. Great work!