Soixante Printemps En Hiver

Hi everyone! A little update from me. It’s quite hard to believe, but it’s only 4 more days till my new book comes out: “Soixante Printemps En Hiver”

Before the storm breaks loose, I’d like to introduce this special project to you myself 🙂

I made this one with the incredible Ingrid Chabbert for Éditions Dupuis. It was quite a change from the dusty Dust Bowl from “Jours de Sable” to the wintery landscapes of France. But I loved drawing it, perhaps because of that very contrast. The main character, Josy, is far from happy in her life. She’s in a relationship that’s far past its due date, in a house that is suffocating her. But an old VW bus gives her the freedom she is looking for, and perhaps even a new love…

As a young girl growing up, I always took comics from the local library in my hometown. My favorites were the comics from the AIRE LIBRE collection of Dupuis. This collection had “comics for grown ups” and I loved looking at the detailed drawings and engaging subjects. I vividly remember Sarajevo Tango (by Hermann) and The Photographer (by Guibert / Lefèvre / Lemercier). These books shaped my view of what comics could be. You can obviously see the influence of both in my recent work, I think.

And so, I feel incredibly honored that this book is included in this acclaimed collection. It was one of the things on my bucketlist, you could say. It is just incredible.

The book will come out in French this Friday (20/05) and in Dutch a month later, on 22/06. Below are some preview images – more will follow. An English translation is on the way.

For a list of signings and events:

Hope to see you on the road!

X Aimee

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