Storyboards on “Birthplace”

I had the huge honour and pleasure to storyboard the trailer of a brand new game, Birthplace. In this game, you can save the rainforests – literally. While you play, you support reforesting projects in the real world.

The storyboards that I made were used for the trailer, which has been launched now. We wanted to make the trailer a cinematic experience, and I think we succeeded. There’s always a kind of magic happening when storyboards turn into film, whether it’s live action footage or animation. I’m very impressed with the work of all the animators involved, because the end results looks fantastic.

To give you all an idea of the process, here are some examples of the storyboard and the final outcome in the trailer. Enjoy!

Storyboards vs. Final shots





Watch the full trailer here:

To download and play the game now, go to Google Play or the Apple App Store and search for Birthplace. The game is already available for the Netherlands and the Philippines, and will be launched worldwide in October 2020.

More info and screenshots of the game:

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