“Horse and Man” animated film debuts in Waalwijk


My new animated film “Horse and Man” (3 minutes, drawn digitally), dedicated to Dutch jockey Piet van der Schans who attended the 1972 Olympic Games, debuted yesterday at the Waalwijk GO festival. The movie is about the fusion between horse and man. It is loosely based on the groundbreaking photographed sequences that Edweard Muybridge made of the running man and the running horse. The film will be released online soon, but this upcoming month, the film is running for weekends only at the old city hall in my former hometown Waalwijk, together with the works of 10 other artists from the region. Entry is free.

The incredible music score from the film was made by sound designer Arthur Antoine, with whom I’ve worked for the theatre production Behind the Telescopes earlier. The fusion of sound and images reflect perfectly the fusion of the horse and the human in the movie. More updates on the online release will follow soon. Here are some screenshots!


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