Exhibition “Graphic recordings” featuring work from Lesbos

Hi everyone,

From Feb 17th – April 15th you are welcome to visit the exhibition “Graphic recordings, travelling artists and comics journalism” in the Stedelijk Museum in the city of Kampen (The Netherlands).

The show has work from many inspiring Dutch and Belgian comic artists that have travelled and turned their experiences into the most beautiful drawings and comics. Jeroen Janssen, Jules Calis and Gijs Kast are among those artists and some of them are close friends of mine, and I admire their work a lot.  From me, there will be some pages from the Lesbos project, some audio that I recorded in the refugee camps. This audio was supposed to be used for an interactive website with pictures, but we never finished it. I’m glad that the audio has found a way to the public nevertheless…

For more info, please visit:



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