Wespendief news

Hi all!


Some exciting news about my graphic novel “The return of the honeybuzzard” (De terugkeer van de wespendief).

The comic will be turned into a live action film, planned for 2016/2017. Directed by Stanley Kolk and written for film by Philip Delmaar. Good luck to everyone in the crew!


The next big news is that the first translation of the book is nearly finished. In January, the French version will appear at Dargaud. It will be called “Le retour de la bondrée” and it will be presented at the annual Angoulême festival. I’ll visit too, to sign the books and meet colleagues. See you there?


Here’s the final French cover!


2 thoughts on “Wespendief news

  1. Oh, wow, that’s great news. Loved the comic. Since you are (also) into storyboarding and all that, will you be involved in the production process? Or just visiting the set and requesting a large bowl of blue-only m&m while you scream at people in the trailer with your name on it? 😉

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