School TV animations broadcast on Dutch TV

This morning (at 5:00 a.m.) 6 animations of mine were showed at Dutch Television, in the programme “Jeugdliteratuur Nu” from NTR, SchoolTV. I made some booktrailers of famous Dutch kid’s literature. Each film is 1:30 minutes long. The goal is to make children want to read the books that were animated. Together with a team of 8 animators we made an hour full of animations – and it’s fantastic. The work was a pleasure to do. It’s been a great journey of 4 months!

Now the broadcast can be seen on this link:

The books I animated were:
– De Stille Soldaat (first film of the broadcast!)
– Vriend Vermist
– Marike Vecht
– Piercings en Parels
– See You In Timboektoe
– Raveleijn

And here are some thumbnails of my animations.








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