Aimée is winner of the WDKA Maaskant Prize 2012 / Aimée is winnaar van de WDKA Maaskantprijs 2012!

Great news!

Last week I received the WDKA Maaskant Prize 2012 for my graduation film “One Past Two”. This prize, a travelcheque of €4000, is given every 2 years to the best graduation project of the Willem de Kooning Academy, to support the artists in their further career. I was nominated together with 19 other fantastic ex-students of my academy and I had never expected to win. It’s great to see that the film, which I made almost 2 years ago, still moves people. Of course I made the film in order to graduate – but I also made it as an artistic and emotional monument in my life. And it took me blood, sweat and tears to make. An appreciation like this, even so late, means the world to me. So thanks to all of the jury for chosing me, and thanks to the academy for nominating me! Also, the exhibition featuring all of the nominees is still taking place till November 25th in “Gallery Blaak10”, Rotterdam. Go see it! One Past Two is screened in the basement.

More info and the official statement of the jury can be found here:

Here are some nice pics of the award ceremony! 🙂

The film is still online here: 

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