new daily comic “Snippers” in Metro and online!

Here’s some exciting news!

From today on, I will publish a daily comic in the Dutch newspaper Metro, called SNIPPERS. It’s a semi-autobiographical comic about me & my roommate Stef. The comics are full colour and will appear Monday till Friday. If you’re not able to catch a Metro, don’t worry! I will publish every comic online on the Snippers Website:
So a new webcomic is born as well 🙂

Here’s the first one, published today. Enjoy!

3 thoughts on “new daily comic “Snippers” in Metro and online!

  1. 😦
    I am sad that the comic is not in English. This description is in English and I cannot find a link to an English version of the webcomic. I know Nemi, a different Metro comic has translations, but I don’t know anything about Metro so maybe it is a different Metro.
    Stange given that this post is in English.

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