Comic “De helaasheid der dingen”

For the book “Mooi is Dat”, mentioned earlier, I made a comic about “De Helaasheid der Dingen” (2006) by Belgian writer Dimitri Verhulst. This book is considered one of the best novels of centuries of Dutch literature. Because “Mooi is Dat” is in stores now, I can finally post the comic on my blog. The page is an interpretation as well as a rough summary of the book.

The book “Mooi is Dat”, featuring 57 comics by Dutch and Belgian artists, is for sale at all book stores and comic stores now! Also at:

One thought on “Comic “De helaasheid der dingen”

  1. Yesterday got the book – it’s amazing!
    Love every page of it. Haven’t read “De Helaasheid der Dingen” yet, but will do now.
    Your interpretation is very inspiring. Just browsed through your blog – wow. You are very talented. Keep it coming!
    Best Regards,

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